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KAPCOM, short for Kapstone Commercial, was born out of personal need. Kapstone Technologies, like almost every company, outsourced Desktop/Server Support from Independent Contractors so we could focus on our Mission for the American Public through the Federal Government. When our Technician needed to move out of state and communication waivered, we began realizing the very present need arising in our own neighborhoods that we hadn’t noticed before. There are so many wonderful companies right here in the “DMV” that would benefit from a solid IT company helping them expand. A company that has handled National IT contracts with everyone from the Smithsonian and the Washington Metro Airport Authority to the US Patent and Trademark Office and the Department of Homeland Security, Kapstone has the past performance to better equip small businesses. Whether you’re a small business in Finance, Law, Federal Contracting, Entertainment, Education, or any other industry, Kapstone is here to help you get to the next stage - to Reach Your Peaks and maintain your stability once you get there.


Kapstone Technologies, Inc.

Kapstone Technologies, Inc. was founded in 2010 and has been offering Information Technology Services to the Federal government for 13 years. Our expertise spans a variety of areas, including Operations and Maintenance, Software Development, IT Field Support and Service Desk. Additional areas of specialization include proven excellence in Program Management. In 2023, Kapstone decided to take these skills to the commercial market hoping to combine quality IT support with excellent customer service for small businesses. KAPCOM was born.

KAPCOM’s management approach is simple:
(1) employ the best technology for the current market needs as well as the expertise needed to fully utilize the tools, (2) use proven processes, ensuring the success of mission objectives and customer satisfaction, and (3) communicate well and often offering a transparent customer experience.

Our Customer Service goal is to improve overall customer experience by whole-heartedly engaging in the customer’s mission and offering pinnacle service to achieve next level goals.


Helping our community build upon itself by providing much needed service at a reasonable price while offering an excellent customer experience.

Solve problems. Bring clarity. Embody principles.


Meet The Team

KAPCOM is committed to providing and retaining people with the demonstrated experience, skills, and certifications to fully support existing and future technologies in our customer’s environments. We will focus on ensuring consistent operational capability for the men and women who carry out this daily mission. We will continue to grow our staff with training, certifications, and various experiences, allowing our team to obtain and maintain the necessary expertise to fully support current and future technologies.

In addition to training, KAPCOM encourages its employees to be a part of the team by offering opportunities to participate, facilitating an environment for growth and a sense of solidarity through our corporate culture. The fulfillment of being a part of the bigger picture furthers an individual’s investment and growth potential. In addition, KAPCOM'S benefits rival those of larger companies. Our company must be competitive in the market place if we are to attract, hire, and retain qualified staff.

Founder | CEO, President

As KAPCOM’s founder, Ms. Kapetanakis serves as the CEO/Owner. She has lead Kapstone Technologies since 2010, guiding the company’s overall strategic vision as well as providing day-to-day management and oversight. She taps into the experience she gained making Kapstone into a profitable company and will use that experience to build KAPCOM into an entity that helps customers reach toward their success. Her never-ending focus on delivering exceptional customer experience has been and will continue to be instrumental in the successful growth of KAPCOM.

Vice President

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14595 Avion Parkway, Suite 1000, Chantilly, VA 20151
Phone:  703.547.8769  |  Fax:  703.870.7266

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